Welcome to my test site

This is my new website, where I'm going to test Umbraco

One day I wanted to play..

My boy Adam

"The moon is sleeping"

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Learn the basics

To get started on the right foot make sure to check out our documentation - from tutorials to API reference.

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Master classes

The best way to learn Umbraco is through the Master classes that’s running every month in most regions.

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Umbraco Forms

With our add-on product Umbraco Forms it’s a breeze to create any type of form you can imagine.

Package repository

At Our Umbraco you’ll find hundreds of free packages made and maintained by the community.

Sharing is caring

Our Umbraco is our community hub, bringing together over a hundred thousand people every month sharing knowledge in the forum, documentation, blogs, packages and much more.

Born global, loving local

If you can’t make it to CodeGarden, that doesn’t mean you have to miss the chance of hanging out with the Umbraco community. You can do just that through the many local user groups and meetups


Every year in June, around 500 Umbracians gather in Denmark for our annual conference “CodeGarden”.